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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

Signature Programs

STEM at Bullis
Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)
STEM students investigate real world problems and design solutions through an inquiry-based approach. Students ask, imagine, plan, create, present, evaluate, and improve as they engage in the disciplines of STEM to make a positive impact in their community.
Entrepreneurship at Bullis
The Entrepreneurship Program focuses on developing an entrepreneurial mindset in students. Learning and applying the entrepreneurial mindset promotes resilience, grit, creativity, and critical thinking.
Visual & Performing Arts
Visual & Performing Arts
The Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) Program endeavors to inspire and actively engage every student, from the true beginner to those with dreams of a career in the arts.

Bullis Signature Programs

Bullis offers Signature Programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), Entrepreneurship, and Visual & Performing Arts.

Complementing our rigorous core academics, Bullis Signature Programs offer students unique opportunities for interdisciplinary study, experiential education, faculty mentoring, and research-based and creative Capstone experiences.

The programs, each with a dedicated director, demonstrate the connectedness between education in the classroom and daily life. Faculty mentors encourage students to dream big, take risks, and think deeply. Students develop confidence, as well as presentation and leadership skills, which fully prepare them for experiences in college and beyond.

  • In Lower School, exposure to the programs weaves seamlessly through the grades with emphasis on providing experiential hands-on learning opportunities.
  • In Middle School, students continue to explore the programs through coursework, field trips, club time, and majors and minors. Majors allow 8th grade students to dive deep into an area of interest while minors provide students with an opportunity to explore a new area of interest or one to which they have had minimal exposure.
  • Signature Programs continue to build through the Upper School. By 10th grade, students can choose from a wide array of electives and specific foundational courses to prepare them for the Honors Capstone experience. These foundational courses include STEM Research: Design and Methods; Business Model Design; and Entrepreneurial Finance. The culminating experience, the Honors Senior Capstone class, allows interested students time and space to design and pursue a unique project in a guided, year-long course of study.

Signature Programs Brochure

Senior Capstone

Each Signature Program culminates in the Honors Senior Capstone. In close collaboration with their Capstone teacher and a designated mentor, 12th grade students design and pursue unique projects within the structure and pacing of a year-long class. Skill-building is a key component of the experience with an emphasis on developing resourcefulness, critical thinking, creativity, and strong collaboration with their peers.

Every April, the Bullis community celebrates the intellectual growth of our Capstone students at the Signature Program Symposium where seniors present the results of their deep explorations.

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